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If you haven't noticed, I'm wild about love. I thrive on the excitement and sharing the intimate moments with my couples. Running through the sand behind them or capturing their vows by the water, I connect with their energy and it makes capturing the details of their day effortless.

I’m not simply pressing “record” on my camera. I am documenting moments as they happen. Looking for the little moments, witnessing grandma’s smile, catching dad’s joy-filled tears, but mostly, capturing you be you.

It’s raw, genuine, unobtrusive but wholly authentic. Nothing posed, stiff, or artificial. It’s as real as the home movie dad would record on the first day of school (but let’s be real, a little more put-together!)

Gift yourself the memory that you can relive together on every anniversary, as your family grows, or whenever you need a pick-me-up. Reminisce on a good party with great people and an overabundance of love


- I connect with

The couples that enjoy hosting their friends for dinner. Those who always have a fire playlist, and the food they share is always, *chef's kiss*

I connect best with couples who feel like the moments in between matter as much as the people they share them with.


- I currently love

The new "Claim to Fame" TV show
Waiting on Survivor Season 43

Tik Tok and Hot girl Walks

Mexican Food, Thai food, especially Mango Sticky rice and any smoothie by the pool.

Monsoon Season and eating freshly picked oranges from my backyard in Arizona

And of course Exploring new places with my new lover friends 

...That's YOU

love notes

"It is so beyond words that I’m not even going to try lmao I’m just going to say 1. Thank you to the moon and back! I had chills even from .5 seconds in. Sidney and I spit out our coffees and we we’re even drinking any 💀. YOU ARE AMAZING."

June 23rd 2022 /

Joe & Sidney

Mainly like how can you be so talented and so fun and sweet at the same time! Like we just enjoyed being around you at our wedding and hanging out with you- but MY LORD in your spare time you’re making a mona lisa lvl of a video 😳❤️😳❤️

"We love the emotion that is shown through your videos, they beautifully capture that nostalgic feeling of love."

may 24tht 2022 /

Sydney and Kyle

we are in love with this. No words to describe how PERFECT this is!!!!! I’m blown away wow!!! 😭😭😭."

Dec 2nd 2021 /

Riley and  Garrett

capturing the way



each other

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