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Kennidy Hassell

October 13, 2022

Your wedding is all about love, celebration, and quality time with loved ones, but it can also be about adventure! If you’re a couple who loves adventure, the outdoors, and exploring new places, eloping can be the perfect choice – either just the two of you, or with close friends and family, doing something truly unique and memorable together. With some adventure elopement ideas, you can combine your wedding with an active and exciting vacation – how cool would that be? And as your elopement adventure videographer, I am more than happy to do whatever it takes to capture it on film, whether that’s a sunrise hike or an African safari!

Here are my top adventure elopement ideas for a wedding that’s unique, exhilarating, and tons of fun. 

1. Rent a houseboat on Lake Powell

A Lake Powell elopement is such a fun way to celebrate with friends. A reservoir of the Colorado River, Lake Powell is best enjoyed by renting your own houseboat. You can jet ski, swim, and boat all weekend, just enjoying drinks and one another’s company (as long as someone is the designated driver!).

To really take it up a notch, you can fly in and out by helicopter, which gives you amazing views of the lake and landscape below. 

2. A Tanzania safari elopement blending luxury and adventure

For something totally unique, why not plan a Tanzanian adventure elopement? This East African country is one of the best places to go on safari and see epic African wildlife like elephants, zebras, and lions within the famous Serengeti National Park

You’ll have plenty of luxury glamping safari lodges here where you can fall asleep in a canvas tent (you might even hear the roar of lions in the distance!), cuddle up by a bonfire, and head out on safari each morning to look for wildlife.

While in Tanzania, you can also add on a beach getaway in Zanzibar or go for something super adventurous – a hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. 

3. Take your love to new heights in Cappadocia, Turkey

An elopement in Cappadocia would be so romantic. This Turkish town is famous for its hot air balloons – and yes, you could say your vows in a hot air balloon at sunrise, which would be the ultimate adventure!

There are also stunning deserts and unique landscapes to be experienced here, but Cappadocia also has some really cool accommodation – in caves! The region is rich in caverns and many have been turned into cave hotels with plenty of luxury touches. 

Your Cappadocia elopement video will showcase the natural beauty and energy of the region – let’s explore a local bazaar and take in all of the colors, excitement, and beauty of this vibrant, amazing part of Turkey. 

4. Plunge into an adventure in the Turks and Caicos 

Love the feel of salt water and sun? If so, head to the magical Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean for a waterfront elopement. A Turks and Caicos elopement would be ideal since you can find so many luxury resorts here with your own private room or villa.

There are also tons of fun things you and your guests can do. Go swimming, scuba diving, or surfing – you might even get lucky and catch a wave with some inquisitive dolphins! You can say your vows on the beach and then rent a boat for a sunset champagne cruise with your friends and family – what could be more special?

5. Hire your own private yacht for the weekend 

Adventure elopement ideas for sea lovers is to charter a private yacht for you and your guests. Cruise around the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or even the Florida Gulf – swimming, sunbathing, and relaxation await.

You’ll definitely want a yacht that includes an onboard chef, preparing amazing canapes, seafood, and steaks to enjoy after a big day of swimming. For your yacht wedding videography, we’ll focus on all of those beautiful candid moments – the big smiles as you jump into the sea, the clinking of wine glasses as you and your guests enjoy your first sunset together, and the happiness and excitement everyone is sharing. 

6. Enjoy privacy and natural beauty on your private Scottish island

A dramatic, windswept coastline, a dram of Scotch whiskey, and your own private cottage – sounds pretty good, right? In Scotland, you can rent out a private island (or castle!) for you and your guests – talk about a unique wedding idea. 

A private island gives you the ultimate in seclusion, with no one around other than you and your wedding party. A few to consider include Carna, Ronay Island, or Torsa Island. Depending on your location, you can go hiking, boating, or just relax by the fire each evening – great for couples after quality time with their guests. 

Regardless of where you choose to adventure, as long as you prepare and plan you’ll be good to go! If you’d like to make sure everything is on track for a perfect weekend, check out my blog post on how to create a meaningful destination wedding for you and your guests!

6 Adventure Elopement Ideas