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This workbook is designed to help wedding industry creatives reframe the way they think about booking clients and provide tangible, actionable steps to booking them. This is the "How-To" I wished for when I was just starting out!

Together, we will target negative mindsets and overcome limiting beliefs, so you can connect with your ideal clients to have the business and the income you've always dreamed of.

This is more than a workbook: It's an all-inclusive course, fit for every wedding creative — photographers, videographers, planners, florists, and beyond. Whether your business is in its baby steps phase, or you’re a seasoned vet in the industry, it’s time to shake it up a little and elevate your journey.

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You're a wedding creative ready to elevate your business to new heights

You're eager to step beyond your creative comfort zone.

You want to identify which mindsets support you, and challenge the limiting ones that don’t!

You want to learn how to set and achieve future goals in an efficient manner.

Establishing unwavering brand confidence is your goal.

Pricing and marketing yourself have got you stumped. 

You want access to additional resources that will empower your wedding industry business for optimal growth.

Ready to begin the journey to success?


This workbook completely changed how I do business! I’ve just peeked and I’m already blown away. It’s Magical. There is so much, with so much value, you are amazzzzzzing! I was expecting like a 30-40 page workbook, but you so over delivered. This has so much good information. If only I had this resource when I started, it would have saved me years of struggling.



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Get you out of your creative comfort zone.

Discover what mindsets are supporting you, and the ones that are limiting you.

Establish brand confidence and how to market yourself.

Learn how to set crazy unrealistic goals and hit them.

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“How to Grow Your Business,” “Benefits of Mentorships,” listening to Mindset Coaches, etc. There is nothing secret about what I know, but I have been able to compile it all, apply it to the wedding industry specifically and help other people see what’s available to them.


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So kick off your shoes, pull up your vision board, and let’s get creative!