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Kennidy Hassell

September 2, 2022

The morning ocean breeze… A dip in serene, welcoming waters… The romance of your own private seafront bungalow… There’s really nothing better than a tropical beach elopement! 

A tropical destination can be ideal for an elopement, whether you want a private escape from the world or a week away to celebrate with your closest family and friends. However, deciding on the right destination is crucial. I’d steer clear of trendy, popular beaches and go for somewhere more unique, as it’ll make your wedding so much more special.

Here are the best tropical beach elopement destinations if you’re looking for gorgeous natural beauty, luxury accommodation, and meaningful cultural experiences. 

Sri Lanka

A Sri Lankan beach elopement is ideal for couples who love adventure. The island is known for its epic beaches, incredible biodiversity and wildlife, and amazing cuisine. From hiking to diving to surfing, there’s so much to do and enjoy in this beautiful and welcoming country. Sri Lankan culture is so beautiful, so be sure to experience traditional dance, arts, and music while visiting – the tastes and sounds will stay with you long after you’ve left. 

I love Sri Lankan elopement videography since the country is so vibrant – video is ideal for capturing all the colors, sounds, and unique moments of your wedding. 


Is there a more iconic wedding and honeymoon destination than Tahiti? The largest island in French Polynesia just oozes romance, and with Tahiti elopement videography, we can capture those jagged mountains, that crystal-clear water, and those sweet getting-ready moments at your over-the-water bungalow.

If only the best will do and you’re craving pristine beaches free from crowds, consider a Tahiti beach elopement.


The Azores archipelago truly takes your breath away. Located in the mid-Atlantic, this autonomous region of Portugal is spectacular. For an Azores beach elopement, head to some of the smaller, lesser-visited islands like Flores or Graciosa, where you can find waterfalls, secret lagoons, and beautiful hikes.

I love Azores elopement videography since the lush, green countryside and sparkling turquoise bays look like something out of a fairy tale. 


Why go for a Maldives beach elopement? Why not! With amazing year-round sunshine, long sandy beaches, and that iconic teal water, it’s the perfect spot for a barefoot wedding on the beach, hand in hand – because other than each other, what more do you need? 

For your Maldives elopement videography, we can focus on those beautiful moments in the sun, from your first kiss under the palms to a sweet champagne-sipping beach walk in the afternoon. 


With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines has more beaches than you could imagine! Couples love the idea of a Philippines beach elopement because the country is affordable, welcoming, and rich in natural beauty – I recommend islands such as Ticao or Sicogon. 

With secluded beaches, jagged mountains, and clear waters, there are ample opportunities for us to use Philippines elopement videography to tell your story. Let’s jump in a sea kayak, hike to a waterfall, or hire a yacht – there are so many romantic adventures to be had in the Philippines. 

Zakynthos, Greece

If you’re crazy in love and want to celebrate in style, you’ll love a Zakynthos tropical beach elopement. This spectacular Greek isle in the Ionian Sea has the finest sand, the clearest water, and plenty of luxury accommodation and dining. It’s a great alternative to the popular Santorini and is chock-full of sea caves, inlets, and lagoons to explore. 

Because the water here is just so unbelievably clear, it’s a great idea to charter a boat for part of your Zakynthos elopement videography. You’ll love reliving the memories of diving into those magical waters or cruising around the island at sunset, aperitif in hand. 

Zanzibar, Tanzania

For couples craving a new experience, a Zanzibar beach elopement can be the perfect mix of adventure and bliss. Most famous for its spices, Zanzibar, Tanzania boasts Arabic and Indian influences, sparkling beaches ideal for snorkeling, and world-class restaurants. There’s plenty to do and see!

For your Zanzibar elopement videography, we’ll focus on the beauty of your vows, of course, but also the rich, historic architecture of the region. From tasting local delicacies to browsing for jewelry at the local market, the story of Zanzibar will tie in beautifully with your elopement tale. 

After the elopement, why not head to South Africa for a safari, or travel north for an Egyptian honeymoon? You’ll love the exhilarating adventure of exploring the African continent together. 

La Digue, Seychelles

Ah, the Seychelles. Set in the Indian Ocean, the raw beauty of the Seychelles is unique, with some of the world’s best beaches. You’re sure to love a La Digue beach elopement. One of the Seychelles’ islands, La Digue is known for its pure white beaches and inviting, tasteful lodges and resorts. 

If you’re into scuba diving, the reefs around La Digue are some of the best – or you can just wake up and float around in the warm waters for a relaxing start to your day. The island is rich in nature reserves and protected bays (don’t miss the wonderful Anse Cocos Beach), so it’s an ideal spot for an elopement and extended honeymoon.

When it comes to La Digue elopement videography, one tip is that the island is famous for its dreamy pastel sunsets. We’ll be sure to shoot some footage around dusk so you can treasure these beautiful memories forever. 

If the ocean is calling your name and you love the idea of waking up and soaking up the sunshine, then a tropical beach elopement might be perfect for you. I’d be honored to help with your destination wedding videography, so we can capture all of those sweet and meaningful moments that you’ll love looking back on long after you’ve returned from your time in paradise. Click here to chat more about how we can make your dream a reality.

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