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September 4, 2022

Santorini is the most famous of the Greek islands – for good reason! Formed by an ancient volcanic eruption, it offers sparkling blue water, arguably the best sunset views in the world, and that classic white-and-blue architecture that you’ve seen all over Insta. In my book, this means there’s nothing better than planning a destination wedding in Santorini! Your guests will love the thrill of visiting this famous island, but as a Santorini wedding videographer, I can also tell you that we’ll get amazing footage in this gorgeous location. 

Here’s how to plan a destination wedding on Santorini – I can’t wait to see you there! 

How to get there

From Athens, Santorini is only a short flight away, or you can also take a ferry. Be sure to ask for a window seat on your flight though, as seeing the other islands from the air is just so magical! 

Once you’re on the island, renting an ATV or scooter is the best way to get around – there’s limited parking and lots of traffic, so you can cruise around the island much easier this way, and it’s a lot of fun! If you don’t already have it, it’s useful to get your international driving license before the trip too, as some rental companies will require it. 

Be sure to check Greece’s COVID entry requirements regularly before your trip, as they can change at any point.

What to do during your Santorini destination wedding

Santorini just screams romance, so it’s seriously an unbelievable place to get married – whatever you do during your trip, you’ll love it. One activity I highly recommend is a sunset boat tour around the island.

Our tour went past gorgeous places like Red Beach, famous for its red-hued sand, dramatic Black Mountain lava rocks, and even a volcanic hot spring. Then we had a delicious dinner and an amazing sunset as we headed back into the port.

On the cruise, we can get some really great footage for your Santorini wedding video, since it takes in so many beautiful highlights of the island. We cruised with Saint Yachting and I can highly recommend them.

Of course, you’ll also want to walk around Santorini at sunset – it can definitely be crowded, but it’s just so amazing to see so many people gathering for a sunset. Santorini wedding videography is all about those stunning dusk scenes, so I can help you find some gorgeous vistas where we can shoot without crowds of people. 

You can also visit Amoudi Bay in Oia, with its dramatic cliffs and delicious restaurants, or a helicopter tour would be super cool. Many couples rent their own small boat as well, which gives you the freedom to sightsee at your own pace and in privacy. 

There are plenty of beaches as well, with unique black and red sand. The beaches are unbelievable, but they can be a bit rocky, so not all of them are ideal for swimming. 

You can stay for weeks in beautiful Santorini, but around four days is enough to see the main attractions and have plenty of time to relax. However, many visitors love island-hopping around Greece, so you could get married in Santorini and then visit some of the other islands nearby for your honeymoon. Check out Milos, Ios, Rhodes, or Corfu – so many great choices!

Where to stay

There are so many accommodation options in Santorini! Wherever you stay, my top tip is to book a place with a pool and a view, but the two main towns to stay in are Oia and Thira. 

Oia is an iconic village on the far side of the island – most of the famous Santorini photos you see are of Oia. Its popularity means it can be a little crowded, especially at sunset, when it’s everyone’s favorite place to watch the sun go down.

I really liked Thira too – it’s more central to the rest of the island, so I’d actually recommend staying here, especially if you plan to go around Santorini. It seems like Thira has better nightlife than Oia as well, if that’s important to you. It’s a very cute town, but you can stay anywhere along the coast from the beginning to the end – boutique accommodation is everywhere! 

Do keep in mind that Santorini has crazy hills, with many hotels having lots of stairs. To get those stunning coastal views, you have to climb to the top! Steep stairs and small pathways can be tricky with lots of heavy luggage, so pack light if you can. 

Where to eat

Cuisine on Santorini does not disappoint! However, for well-known restaurants, or places with a prime patio view, you’ll definitely need to make reservations. While some of the fine dining options can be expensive, it’s absolutely worth the splurge, as the experience is something you and your wedding guests will really treasure. 

In Thira, there are plenty of places with great views and chill vibes, whether you want a quick and casual gyro or a formal meal. In Oia, definitely check out Confetti, a cool dessert cafe – their Greek pancakes and tropical smoothies are to die for!

More Santorini destination wedding tips

  • In summer, which is peak season, it’ll be very hot and humid during the day, but you’ll get a cool sea breeze in the evening, so consider bringing a jacket if you get cold easily. 
  • Plan plenty of time to relax! Yes, there’s plenty to do on Santorini, but there’s also nothing wrong with relaxing by your pool with some wine – it is your wedding, after all.
  • Planning an overseas wedding can be a little complex, so it’s worth working with a local wedding planner – Tie The Knot Santorini is a great option.

I hope this destination wedding guide to Santorini helped you to start thinking about your upcoming wedding! It’s truly one of the most romantic islands in Europe, if not the world, and I can’t think of a better place to tie the knot. If you’re looking for a travel videographer to freeze your special day in time forever, click here to inquire with me!

My Ultimate Destination Wedding Guide To Santorini, Greece.