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Kennidy Hassell

September 6, 2022


There’s nothing quite like a Harbor Island destination wedding! This small island in the Bahamas is known for its gorgeous pink beaches, amazing hospitality, and pastel homes. It’s a true tropical paradise, just a short flight away from the US. 

I recently worked with an amazing couple who had a vision of getting married in a beautiful location, surrounded by close friends, and Harbor Island definitely nailed the brief! Their Harbor Island wedding video was everything they’d wanted – romance, fun, and tropical beauty. The island is perfect for a private elopement or a larger wedding, whether you want something casual on the beach or a more formal celebration. 

If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean elopement, here’s my destination wedding guide to Harbor Island, Bahamas – I guarantee you will love it!

Why get married on Harbor Island?

This beautiful stretch of paradise is so romantic, with undeveloped, natural pink sand beaches and pristine coral reefs. It’s ideal for couples who love snorkeling and swimming, or just want to chill out in the sun and enjoy each other’s company. 

There are plenty of outdoor activities for you and your guests to try out, including stand-up paddleboarding, jet skis, scuba diving, and lots of cute shopping and dining experiences. It’s natural, beautiful, and just so relaxing here – it’s even a popular vacation spot for celebs looking to escape.

How to get to Harbor Island

It’s easy to travel from the US to Harbor Island, with most major airlines offering connections. If you’re flying commercial, you’ll arrive at North Eleuthera Airport, which is tiny – you’ll basically walk off the plane straight into the Bahamas! From there, you’ll quickly pass through customs and then over to the ferry, a few minutes from the airport.

The ferry to the island is $5 per person and only takes five minutes. There are no times or schedules to worry about, as boats travel constantly back and forth from the island, so you’ll be at your hotel in no time at all. 

The Bahamas are so convenient to access from the US, especially if you’re based on the East Coast, but it feels like a completely different world – paradise found, seriously. 

Where to stay and eat 

This island has such incredible hospitality. Everyone is so friendly, and you’ll find amazing places to stay, eat, and drink wherever you go. Here are my reccomondations.

To stay, the Ocean View Club is a stunning, family-run property done up in a minimalist pastel-and-white style. It’s so serene, and right on the beach (snorkeling gear provided). They also do weddings, so everything is easy here.

The Landing is also a charming, historic spot, with luxurious four-poster beds, and you can also arrange a wedding on the property. 

Both hotels offer towels and beach chairs already set up for you. All the little details are carefully looked after – all you need to do is relax! 

Some of the best places to eat include:


  • Cocoa Coffee House: A cute cafe with great coffee, smoothies, juices, and acai bowls.
  • The Landing: I cannot describe how delicious this place is (ricotta pancakes all the way!)


  • Ocean View Club: An amazing choice for a relaxing, beachfront lunch.


  • The Rooster Tail Bar & Grill: So delicious! I loved the shrimp in white wine cream sauce, the grilled pineapple, and the passionfruit crème brûlée.
  • The Landing: The fish of the day here was incredible.
  • Ocean View Club: Another top dinner spot, especially the steak!

With plenty of delicious, fresh seafood, great cocktails, and friendly service, you’ll love dining out on Harbor Island. 

Harbor Island wedding videography

The unique natural beauty of Harbor Island makes for the perfect backdrop for your wedding video! You’ll love watching back all of the beautiful little moments from your time in the Bahamas.

Of course, the video will include all the love, romance, and emotion of your ceremony and reception, but we can also take some footage of some of Harbor Island’s most beautiful places, such as the grand blue, pink, and teal colonial homes dotted around the island. 

We’ll definitely want to visit Lighthouse Beach, one of the best beaches on the island. Think sugar-soft sand, soaring palm trees, and unbelievably clear blue water. 

Extra tips

  • Harbor Island is super walkable, so definitely take a romantic stroll (or two!) at sunrise – such gorgeous colors.
  • For a fun transportation option, you can also rent your own golf cart to cruise around in – they’re about $60 per day and seat four people. 
  • Most restaurants and hotels will take cards, but bring cash for the ferry, taxis, and miscellaneous expenses. American dollars are accepted everywhere, but you might get Bahamian dollars as change.

Now that you know more about how to plan a destination wedding on Harbor Island, let’s make some magic together! I know the island really well and would be glad to help you craft the perfect video of your destination wedding, capturing everything from that sweet kiss on the ferry ride to that even better first kiss during your ceremony. I’m also glad to advise on the legal requirements of getting married in the Bahamas so that the process is as easy as possible for you. 

If you have any questions about videography on Harbor Island, I’d be happy to help – can’t wait to hear from you! 

My Ultimate Destination Wedding Guide To Harbor Island, Bahamas